Save Weeks of Development Time with RocketShipIt for UPS® Shippers

Here is all the code you need to create a label, get a tracking number and estimate the shipping cost with RocketShipIt.

$shipment = new \RocketShipIt\Shipment('UPS');

$shipment->setParameter('toCompany', 'John Doe');
$shipment->setParameter('toPhone', '1231231234');
$shipment->setParameter('toAddr1', '111 W Legion');
$shipment->setParameter('toCity', 'Whitehall');
$shipment->setParameter('toState', 'MT');
$shipment->setParameter('toCode', '59759');

$package = new \RocketShipIt\Package('UPS');


$label = $shipment->submitShipment();
UPS Return Label PHP

Runs on Your Servers

RocketShipIt sends carrier API requests directly from your servers.

Fast Response Times

Get the fatest API response times possible since RocketShipIt communicates direct from your server to the carrier!

Free Upgrades for Life

When the carrier changes RocketShipIt changes. You get updates free for life.

Data Stays Private

Shipping data is transmitted directly to the carrier and never shared with anyone else including us.

Less Coding

With a consistent interface across all carriers. If you decide to integrate with another carrier later you wont need to change your code.

Print Thermal Labels

Print thermal shipping label right from your browser with the included RocketShipIt Print Server!

From download to label in 8 Minutes

Here is a quick example of how to create a shipment and label with PHP.

Set Defaults to Minimize Repeat Code Without Losing Flexibility

You may have noticed that RocketShipIt doesn't require your shipper address or service type.

With RocketshipIt you are in control of everything. All of the parameters needed for shipping can be set as defaults so you can minimize the amount of code you have to write for each shipment. However, you don't lose any flexibility as all defaults can be overridden on instatiation.

RocketShipIt will even generate sensible defaults by asking you questions before downloading so integration is as fast as possible. Of course, if you decide later you wish to change the defaults or add more it is as easy as changing a few lines.

RocketShipIt API Configuration

Support for Return Labels

RocketShipIt has built in support for generating return labels. RocketShipIt can even deliver emails to your customers with a valid return label. This makes RocketShipIt perfect for RMA systems.

UPS Return Label PHP

APIs Supported

  • Address Validation - City, State Zip Level
  • Address Validation - Street Level
  • Pickup
  • Rating
  • Shipping
  • Time in Transit
  • Tracking
  • Paperless Customs Documents
  • Surepost
  • UPS Mail Innovations
  • UPS Ground Freight Pricing
  • UPS QuantumView
  • ... and more

UPS Services Supported

  • UPS ExpeditedSM
  • UPS Express
  • UPS Express Early A.M. SM
  • UPS Express Plus
  • UPS Ground
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver®
  • UPS Next Day Air®
  • UPS Next Day Air® Early A.M. SM
  • UPS Saver
  • UPS Saver SM
  • UPS Second Day Air A.M.®

  • UPS Second Day Air®
  • UPS Standard
  • UPS Three-Day Select®
  • UPS Today Dedicated CourrierSM
  • UPS Today Express
  • UPS Today Express Saver
  • UPS Today StandardSM
  • UPS Worldwide ExpeditedSM
  • UPS Worldwide Express PlusSM
  • UPS Worldwide ExpressSM

Supported Programming Languages

RocketShipIt™ for UPS strives to be the best solution for web-based shipping regardless of which programming language you use.

Don't see your favorite language on the list? Request a language RocketShipIt™ for UPS should support.

supported programming languages

Trusted Worldwide Since 2008

"I was planning on working on this project until next monday but it's already just about wrapped up thanks to RocketShipIt" -- Wyatt G -

"From a programmers standpoint, I'm glad I paid for some code that actually looks solid." -- Josh Sullivan
"We've cut down fulfillment time to only a fraction of our old manual process, and shipment automation is a major part of that savings." -- Jay Littlefield -"
"I was planning on working on this project until next monday but it's already just about wrapped up thanks to RocketShipIt" -- Wyatt G -"
"Well worth the investment!" -- Aaron G"
"Rocketship It ROCKS!!! This product has saved me hours of time. I recommend it to anyone needing a web based shipping solution!" -- Cedric W"
"Thanks again! Clearly money well spent; much appreciated as UPS is just a nasty disorganized site for information. This API is SOOOO much easier." -- Russell"
"You have probably already been told this, but the software is amazing. It is so freaking easy!" -- Shaun Bonk"
"We used to power the shipping functionality for our clients. It took the tedious job of integrating shipping estimates and made it amazingly simple and fast. And on top of that we were able to offer label generation! I owe you my sanity!" --"
"I just purchased your product for UPS (PHP) and it is great, I was up running generating labels in a couple hours. It's exactly what I was looking for, so thank you, you saved me many hours. Very well worth the price." -- Benjamin Greenberg"

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the RocketShipIt script connect to UPS directly?


How fast are response times for fetching rates and label generation?

Since RocketShipIt communicates directly from your server to the carrier you achieve the best possible response times. You can usually expect requests to be returned in less than one second for most carriers depending on your network connection and location.

Can RocketShipIt be used in commercial applications?


Does RocketShipIt work with Zencart, OScommerce, Magento, Paypal, or Cart X?

The short answer is yes. Technically, RocketShipIt will work with anything that uses PHP 5+ and has the cURL extension installed. All you need to do is pass in the address and weight information and RocketShipIt will do the rest.

Can I print thermal labels with RocketShipIt™ for UPS?


What formats do labels come in?

ZPL, EPL, EPLII, and GIF labels. ZPL/EPL are the print codes (in base64) required for thermal printing.

What can I do with the labels after I get them?

The labels come back in base64 format, which basically means they are a string. They can be embedded in an HTML page for viewing/printing, stored in a database, sent to a thermal printer, inserted into a PDF, saved as a GIF file, or emailed off. RocketShipIt doesn't impose any limits to what you can do with them.

Can I see a sample GIF label?


Does RocketShipIt calculate dimensional weight?


Does RocketShipIt work for International shipments?

RocketShipIt works great internationally. We have RocketShipIt customers shipping to and from just about every country in the world. We even support paperless customs and international document generation for many countries.

Can I create shipments with multiple packages?


Can I create return labels and email them to my customers?

Yes, you can even provide the customer's email address and have UPS email them on your behalf.

What are negotiated rates?

Negotiated rates include the retail rate minus the discount you get for being a UPS volume shipper. This is the rate you recieve from UPS.

Are there any limitations in RocketShipIt™ for UPS?

RocketShipIt™ for UPS is a complete API for UPS. RocketShipIt can do anything that the carrier allows; however, if you find a feature missing in RocketShipIt that you would like added we can usually accommodate such requests in very short time.

Are there any discounts for purchasing RocketShipIt for multiple carriers?

You can get support for all carriers for one low price see pricing.

Can RocketShipIt handle my volume?

Since RocketShipIt connects to UPS directly you are utilizing the power of their servers. Currently RocketShipIt does over ten thousand shipments per day.

Does RocketShipIt handle end of day reports?

RocketShipIt creates the labels directly through the UPS API. UPS is notified immediately when a label is printed so there is no need for an end of day report.

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