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I have to tell you that RocketShipIt has already been an absolute lifesaver. Easily the best money I've spent on this god-forsaken project.

Our current workflow is Quickbooks -> ShipGear -> UPS/FedEx Shipping Software. We’re moving off of Quickbooks and onto a trading platform we've built in-house. The last piece of the puzzle was how we were going to generate shipments efficiently. I started with XXXXXX. Spent a month building that out and working with their engineers before we realized our goals were completely incompatible. After that I started working with YYYYYY and, while they were more than happy to build certain features I needed, it just wasn’t feasible for them to build out every little one of my requests.

RocketShipIt has fulfilled every single one. Every last one. Without any modification to the core codebase. Direct delivery only, adult signature required, high value reports, multiple packages per shipment, email notifications. Everything! I just scrapped what had taken two months of back and forth with YYYYYY and recreated it with RocketShipIt in less than an hour. That's incredible.

After so many bad experiences with "professionals" backed by millions of VC dollars, I was all too skeptical that a library written by someone for their parent's small business would be any different. Boy was I wrong. Thank-you so much, and I can't wait until I have an excuse to integrate USPS as well!

Charles Zink, CIO CCPM

You are my hero. The UPS API documentation is awful and you've managed to make everything so much simpler.Thank you so much!

— Mark Dunphy (@misterdunphy) view on twitter
Thanks for the response and call. Things are under control now. Rocketshipit ROCKS!

— Chris Chapman (@ProfessaChapman) view on twitter
Hi Mark, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with your software. Job well done and thank you for taking the time to turn this mess into a few simple lines of code. Thank you, Andrew Barnes BarnesMarineSupply.com

First, I love your product, it's saved me so much time. Your "about" page is right, who wants to read 500+ pages of documentation! - Eric Cholis - Director of Web Technology, http://www.dacardworld.com

This is amazing! Thank you for your help with this. Our tracking proof of delivery workflow has seen a 10-15x speed increase over our previous solution! I can't wait to start building a full shipping solution in 2013 with your other shipping software! Thanks Mark! 11/19/2012 - Jason Godoy

Thank you so much for your help. I knew it had to be something I was doing wrong. RocketShipIt has saved us a ton of dev time on this project even with this minor hiccup. Have a nice day! :) -Mark
From a programmers standpoint, I'm glad I paid for some code that actually looks solid. -- Josh Sullivan
Thanks again! Clearly money well spent; much appreciated as UPS is just a nasty disorganized site for information. This API is SOOOO much easier. -- Russell
We've cut down fulfillment time to only a fraction of our old manual process, and shipment automation is a major part of that savings. -- Jay Littlefield
You have probably already been told this, but the software is amazing. It is so freaking easy! -- Shaun Bonk
I was planning on working on this project until next monday but it's already just about wrapped up thanks to RocketShipIt -- Wyatt G
We used Rocketship.it to power the shipping functionality for our clients. It took the tedious job of integrating shipping estimates and made it amazingly simple and fast. And on top of that we were able to offer label generation! I owe you my sanity! -- buildcreatestudios.com
Well worth the investment! -- Aaron G
I just purchased your product for UPS (PHP) and it is great, I was up running generating labels in a couple hours. It's exactly what I was looking for, so thank you, you saved me many hours. Very well worth the price. -- Benjamin Greenberg
I love RocketShip.It so far, it's so easy to use and so feature rich. Support has been incredible for it as well. Thanks a lot! -- Kevin Johnson
Awesome software. I've used you in the past with my other companies and have never been disappointed. -- Justin J. Hayes
Being able to create packing slips with integrated labels in one shot will replace a process of generating files with more than 1,000 orders that are put into WorldShip which generates the labels that are then stapled to packing slips. It is a huge advance for my client. -- J Seymour Information Center Sciences, Inc.
I wanted to thank you for releasing RocketShipIt. We've used it to ship hundreds of thousands of packages, and we've not run into a single issue with it. It's probably the most reliable software we've used over the last two years. -- Brett Farrow partswarehouse.com
Wow. @rocketshipit has done nothing but impress today. Why wasn't I aware of this 4 months ago?!— Charles Zink (@charleszink) view on twitter
Thanks for the speedy reply! I have a meeting today about upgrading cart shipping options, & I'm glad I found your site.

— Brian (@austin_brian) view on twitter
Your software helped my friend's business move from the stone age of pen-and-paper shipping, to a sleek integration with their web sales and banking systems all tied together. It's so easy, there have been more than a couple shipments voided because of over-enthusiastic staff wanting to click the little button to see if it is as easy to ship today as it was yesterday. I'm sure you'll get more questions from us later, but everything is working great now, and we appreciate your timely support. -- Rob Caldwell
I purchased Rocketship.it for UPS and think it's a really awesome product. It really makes it so much easier to interface with UPS' API. --
We love your product so far. it's been awesome to work with! -- david, epic web studios
Thank you for this product btw, awesome time saver, worth the money. -- Patrick R. Williamson
I love how straight-forward working with RocketShipIt has been and I really appreciate your support. -- David Hollander
We have recently purchased RocketShipIt for UPS and the rating system was integrated in about 30 minutes so that was excellent. -- Luke Cousins
What a fantastic API. I had spent hours coding to get UPS and Fedex rates using their API and with your API in minutes I got what I wanted. GREAT JOB!!! -- Michel D
13 Minutes! That’s it. That’s all it took to get the USPS/Stamps.com part integrated – where the heck have you guys been all my life? -- Ahlusion LLC
Thank you for building such useful code! -- John Connelly
Once again I have to tell you how much I appreciate your product. I’ve referred several developers to it and we are considering using the USPS module in our next project phase. -- Scott Fair
You have an awesome product! You have saved me so much time. I commend you for being an extremely skillful programmer! -- Jonathan Irvin
I had talked to FedEx earlier and gotten my production keys and all. Plugged them into the production config.php file, and it just works. Awesome. -- Michael Lunsford
Thanks again for all the help and the great software. -- Jim Miller
I have had RocketShipIt rating running in a CakePHP application for about 6 months. By the way, I love your product it has saved me countless hours and I do not have to keep up with UPS and FedEx! -- John Carlson
Love your software. Thanks for being there. -- Matthew L. Wright
I just wanted to say that RocketShipIt is shaping up to be one of the best purchases I've made in a while. I just started playing around with fetching rates, and it has already saved me days of wasted time trying to comb through the official API documentation, and is likely to save me many more weeks! --
I would just like to take a moment to thank you again for the RocketShipIt library, it has really streamlined our process and was a delight to program with. -- Izzy
Love the software, thanks! We’ve been using it with our UPS account for a couple years with great success. -- Nick Zlonis - hullopillow.com

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